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is not just a buzzword; it's a crucial issue that affects the well-being of our families and the vitality of our community. I recognize the importance of affordable housing, specifically workforce housing, and childcare as economic drivers that foster a thriving community. With a pragmatic approach, I will work to create policies that encourage responsible development, incentivize workforce housing options, and preserve our natural setting.


systems are vital to addressing traffic congestion, reducing our environmental impact, and preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. I am committed to establishing a transportation infrastructure that includes properly placed park n' ride facilities. By strategically locating these facilities, he will alleviate traffic burdens in specific neighborhoods at peak times while providing efficient and sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

Respecting the diversity of every neighborhood

requires preserving the unique character and charm of each area within Park City. By engaging with residents and community organizations, I will ensure that decisions impacting our neighborhoods are made collaboratively. I am committed to preserving the integrity and values of our diverse neighborhoods, allowing them to flourish while embracing the overall vision of a united Park City.

My family story mirrors that of many others: we didn’t originally intend to stay in Park City for so long. Eight years later, our wild roots are planted firmly. The mountains and history, the quirky birds and backyard moose, the skiing, the adventure… I cannot imagine what raising our children in a more magical place would look like.

The Mountain West has always been my natural habitat. Sixteen years ago, I met Molly in Flagstaff and swore to myself I would marry her. We lived/skied in Minturn and Snoqualmie Pass before getting married in Emigrant and moving to Park City in 2015. We have been blessed with three wonderful children, opened a couple of small businesses here, and were able to purchase an affordable home in Park City Heights in 2019.

I was born and raised five hours away from Park City in Boise, Idaho. My mother’s role as a teacher and Idaho’s Director of the Federal Deaf-Blind Project for Children instilled in me the values of empathy and respect for all. My father, a worker’s compensation attorney, taught me to dedicate serious time to work you believe in and that details matter.

I have spent several years consistently attending City Council meetings: watching, reading, learning, and at times advocating for positions. I have encouraged the exploration of less-expensive sites for mine waste disposal, helped push for lower AMI% ranges for the affordable units being built at Film Studio Crossing (was 80%, now 60%), strongly supported the Park Silly Sunday Market, and have looked for ways to improve development agreements whose impacts affect the entire community. In 2021, I ran for office to help prevent a landfill from being constructed (in-town) adjacent to Round Valley at the Gordo plot. I know I have made mistakes along the way in both overreliance on script and timing of humor. Nevertheless, I have always been community-minded, practical, and willing to dissent when it benefits our community’s interest.

A current example: I support the idea of maximizing workforce housing in-town at the Gordo site because 1) availability of workforce housing is Park City’s most acute crisis and we can directly address that issue on this land in a meaningful way, 2) park-n-ride lots should be located out-of-town where traffic converges (in order to get folks out of cars immediately), not a mile towards town while bottlenecking three converging traffic flows, 3) commercial development is already being realized at the Film Studio development.

Here, we can enable opportunities for our local businesses to invest in housing and secure employees as a result. For instance, I am interested in an AMI% buy-down program where local businesses can invest in units for their employees. My vision demands community-minded opportunities because this isn’t just about housing: it’s about investing in the heart and soul of Park City, our workforce. In this same light, there is an open opportunity to realize first-floor senior housing here. The creation of this micro-neighborhood can serve many of our community needs better than a well-intentioned, but arguably misplaced, parking lot can.

Our City Council thrives when it represents diverse voices. I am running for City Council because I believe I can help shape a better future for Park City. My promise to you is to be a Council member who values collaboration, listens to all perspectives, and works tirelessly to find common ground. Together, we can foster the most productive conversations, leading to well-informed decisions that benefit our community. I’m here to serve you, listen to you, and be a true advocate for our remarkable town.

Thank you for your trust and support.

I am running for City Council because I have an interest in local issues, am raising my family in this community, and can help to broaden the conversations and solutions. I intend to address neighborhood priorities, preserve our natural setting, safeguard our historic legacy, and build community together. I seek improvements on a number of issues including traffic congestion, workforce housing, and coalignment with neighboring governments and communities.

I am interested in seeing action take place in the Homestake area, supported by robust community input. I am interested in cars being taken off the road and smart highway systems being in place, including conversations about decreasing parking requirements for developments and the potential for directional lanes on the primary ingress/egress routes to town. Accordingly, I am interested in placing park n' rides in the most ideal spaces to intercept traffic. I am interested in developments optimizing space while minimizing impacts on our environment. And I am interested in protecting wildlife that utilizes our busy traffic corridors. 

A City Council is not a clean parallel to a corporate board. The metric of success for a City Council is community well-being, rather than profit. A City Council requires a dynamic range of voices to be included to conduct the most thorough conversation to make the best decisions for a community.

Our City, Our Council, Our Future.

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